The Best Wedding Videographers in London and Around the World.

As photographers working in weddings for the past 20 years we have seen allot of changes in the videography/cinematography industry. We have worked with some amazingly talented people, but unfortunately these are heavily outnumbered by the amount of poor videographers we have seen at many of our weddings.

We also are involved heavily in the wedding industry and are subscribed to and are a part of hundreds of groups, pages and channels.

Here is a small list of people who really have caught our eye in their level of work, enthusiasm and attention to detail. A big part of our list is also the individuals participation in online communities and the silliness to engage and share their work, tips and tricks with others.
We have only included videographers who approach each wedding with a new set of eyes. In other words they have a style but don’t just replicate their films for each couple.

The Greatest Wedding Cinematographers

When wanting the very best wedding film for your day, it is worth looking for inspiration all over the world. Canada and the USA really do set the standards for allot of high end filmmaking and cinematography. The average cost of a high end wedding videographer in America is around $2500- $4500. Keeping within this budget we would recommend looking at these companies for inspiration on your UK wedding filming.

Matt Johnson has provided us with many ideas for how to approach a wedding day and also what kit is worth investing in for different kind of applications. Head over to his website to see style inspiration and then compare these to many UK films. Each highlight tells its own story, really drawing you into the feelings and emotions on the day.

Outside in studio are fully booked early and you can see why. They really do focus on the characters involved in the wedding and tell the story of them not just the wedding day itself. Investments start at $6500 for booking Outside in Studio, yet you can still have a look at their films and use this as inspiration for your UK wedding.

Best Wedding Videographers London

High Budget

There are some of the worlds greatest cinematographers based in and around London. One we have collaborated with on a full-time basis, Snowbird Motion (previously known as 20 20 Video). Their approach is to start with the couple and tell the complete story, emotion and friends and family behind the wedding itself.

Mid-High Budget

Another great company covering London weddings is Mooncast Films. They work from the background of your day capturing all the little moments that make the day unique. Tom is fun to work with and really does tune into what makes the day you.

PB Motion are another company we have worked closely with over the years. Peter focuses mainly on drone and motion shots, including insta 360 and gimbal shots. If your budget allows bringing in a specialist for these moments then Peter is the go to in the industry.

Mid Budget

Your Wedding Filmed are based in Kent. We offer a package deal with them. Working in an unobtrusive manner to tell the story of your day in a variety of ways. David always works hard ! Floating around your day making sure every detail is captured before it is ruined. Works perfectly with photographers, staying out of the way whilst taking up the best positions for his shots.

Wedding Videographer and Photographer

We have a complete list of videographers we are more than happy to recommend booking with your photographer. We also have collaborated with some of them to offer a complete wedding photography and videography team. We believe finding a compatible media team really does help make the most out of your wedding moments and avoids any unnecessary duplication and time wasting on the day.