Premium Products- Graphi Studio Photo-book

  • Thank you for dropping off the album. It surpassed all my expectation. It was gorgeous. Thank you. The presentation box is beautiful and I am confident will protect the album through the years. Everyone I have shown the album to so far has liked the presentation box.
  • Wow Ricky! The quality of the album is sublime and the design is just what we discussed and we were hoping for.
  • Having the film highlights play inside the box and the photo album together, it is the first thing we show all our house guests!”

We have tried all the photo-book options over the years, yet our brides have always chosen Graphi as their favourite. Every single bride has been blown away by the look, feel and quality of their final Graphi book and this is why we now only offer these books as your premium option.

Simply stunning (best in class) italian handmade books, high quality Kodak photographic and metallic paper for breathtaking pages. Graphi books also use a patented binding system providing panoramic, flat lying seamless spreads.

If your ordering your graph with us, please take a look at the customise options below, select your images you want in your book, then fill out our graphi selection form.

A Wide Range of Customisation Options

1) Size, Pages, Paper and Layout

We offer two sizes of book.

1) Large (35 x 25cm)

2) The Ultimate (35 x 45cm)

Number of Pages

For the price stated above we offer 40 pages (20 spreads) (please select upto 100 images)

per extra 10 pages =
(please select up-to 25 images per extra 10 pages)


You can choose the photographic (included) or the metallic paper (add 10% to the cost of your book) with digital laser printing.


Landscape or Portrait. This is a personal preference, yet can also be decided by the orientation of the majority of chosen pictures in your book. If you have selected allot of landscape photographs, then we would suggest opting for a landscape layout.

2) Cover Style

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Graphi offer many material options. For a full list of options download the .pdf here.

Crystal Glance-

In this new generation of acrylic covers, the highest technologies provide a smooth, pure, crystal like material. Showing off your cover image as if it were an acrylic print on the wall.
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Square or Triangle Cut Out

The classic covers exude excellence.

A timeless offer, which keeps its appeal unchanged thanks to a superior material and to a simple and elegant outlook, available in a wide range of colours.

A traditional look, with attention paid to each single detail, guaranteed to succeed. The available colours might be subject to slight variations of shade, since the material is entirely natural.
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Gold or Silver (Polished or Satin)

The metal plate, which is the core of the cover, is available in both gold and silver, each of them can have a satin or polish finish. It can be personalised by printing your images directly on the material.

The cover is then assembled with the maximum precision onto a leatherette back and spine.
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Gold Polished
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Gold Satin
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Silver Satin
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Silver Polished
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Extra Cost Cover Option

*NEW* Premium Nappa Leather-
Square or Triangle Cut Out

Add £80 for Large

Add £110 for Ultimate

The idea of classic declined to new parameters of style.

Originally developed to suit Italian high fashion needs, the Nappa leather represents the idea of luxury itself, thanks to its smoothness and wide availability of colours.

This type of cover features a continuous binding, and is finished off with a high quality laser engraving of your names and wedding date.

It is specifically dedicated to demanding clients.
Nappa Graphi Leather

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3) Extra Copy, Parent Copies
An exact duplicate copy of your original book.
Large book £350
- or
Ultimate £550

Parent Copies- £220

he smaller copies are perfect clones of the main book, finished with the hardcover and available in the correspondent vertical, square and landscape format. Patented binding system. Printed on smooth paper.

Book Size - 20cmx15cm (8x6”)
Number of Copies - 2

Graphi Storage Options

You have a beautiful book, you will want a way of storing or displaying it! Here are your options.

Free White Box-

Colour Matching Sleeve- £100

A solution for the couples who want to keep there book handy and ready to show off.

Available if your order the leather or Nappa collection, the coordinated sleeve adds a touch of elegance to the book, matching its cover and spine for a classic and timeless result.

A perfect solution for demanding clients.
GRaphi Book Sleave

Luxury Art Box- £120
(holds your photo-disc as well!)

The colourful and bright Art Box, available in all the orientations and sizes and is ideal to accommodate customisations on the front, back and spine, thus conferring a modern and catchy look to the product.

The exclusive opening system lifts the book and “offers” it to the reader, while revealing the DVD holder placed underneath: an additional and enriching touch of class.
Art Box Wedding Photobook
Forms £120

Only available with our large (25x35) portrait style.

A step towards the future, thanks to a modern and state-of-the-art design: this is what Forms is about.

A product that goes beyond the concept of sleeve to become an actual expression of art, enriching and enhancing the book even more.

Available for 25x35 books only, up to 70 pages.
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