Great Wedding Photography and Videography Packages

We are able to offer great wedding photography and video combined packages with our sister company 20-20 Video who offer superb cinematic wedding films .

There are many advantages in booking both your wedding photography and videography as one package. As well as the savings you can make, when both parties co-operate together its possible to achieve the best possible shots, helping each other capture those special moments, whilst never getting in each others way.

20-20 Video regularly produce corporate videos and broadcast television programs. Using all this expertise to produce cinematic style wedding films, using broadcast camcorders and high-end editing systems to create bespoke videos to suit each couples style of wedding and character.

We are also able to offer great combined wedding prices. To find out what we can do for you contact us on 0208 6680018 or fill in our
form for a custom quote.

Below is an example of the combined package deals we can offer you

Professional Coverage
(Ideal for English Weddings)

5 Hours £1200 -
8 Hours £1650 -
10 Hours £1895 -

Video: Professionally filmed by one of our expert videographers. You will then receive an edited wedding video lasting 30-45 minutes, as well as a short highlights film.

Photography: You receive Hi-Res 300 images with copyright and a low-resolution web versions of all your images, with full-res versions uploaded to our website to purchase individually.


1 Cameraman
1 Photographer
Trim Edited Film
Highlights Film
300 Images
Online Gallery

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Full Cinematic
(Ideal for Larger Asian Weddings)

8 Hours £3200 - (most popular)
10 Hours £3500 -

As Cine-Look - In Addition:

Video: Our award winning full-cinematic. 2 Cinematographers covering your wedding in a highly artistic way. Extended highlights.

Photography: Extra photographer for the main part of your wedding day.


2 Cinematographers
1 Cameraman
2 Photographers
Unedited Film
HD Cinematic Highlights (2 Songs)
Edited Film HD
Guest Interviews
Minimum of 500 Images
Online Gallery

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Cine Look
(Great Value)

8 Hours £2200 -
10 Hours £2500 -

As Professional Coverage - In Addition:

Video: An expert creative cinematographers (capturing the artistic shots). Styled highlights film (made up from cinematographers footage).

Photography: You receive all your images and copyright to reprint. Images on online gallery for family and friends to download.


1 Cameraman
1 Cinematographer
1 Photographer
Edited Film
Blu Ray Option
Cinematic Highlights Film
Minimum of 500 Images
Online Gallery
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