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There are allot of different types of wedding day, depending on culture and type of wedding. We have been covering wedding days for over 20 years and know most variations very well. Whether it be a Sikh wedding or a Roman Catholic, we know the important parts of the day to capture, enabling us to take the time to be creative throughout the day.

Bride Walking Down the Aisle Sindhoor Wedding Groom Hindu Flowers Mandap Asian Ceremony Bride Church Ceremony Wedding Shot Under the Mandap Hindu Wedding Ceremony Experts Addignton Palace Wedding Ceremony Hyde Park Wedding Blessing Groom Ceremony Church Wedding Ceremony Boreham house Civil Wedding I DO says the Bride Pre Wedding events Asian Bride and Groom Hymn Singing Wedding Rings During Ceremony Brides Father Hugs the Groom ALT text Signing the Wedding Regiter Handing Over of the Garland White Asian Bride Hands

Not enough of an idea?
Then view our recent wedding photography page, to see a large number of images from the same wedding. This will give you an idea about the balance of photography styles within an particular album and how we adapt this for each wedding we shoot.

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