Wedding Photography Gallery - Modern Group Photographs

We still believe in the importance of taking great group photographs, this enables all the important people of the day to be remembered and involved. We take a mixture of relaxed scenarios and more formal type group shots, to capture some great memories of all your guests.

Asian Wedding Family Heads Bridal Party Behind the Couple Staged Portrait Photograph Addignton Palace Couple Shot The Morning Bridal By the Water Fountain Wedding Pink Bridesmaids Top and Tails Ushers The Casual wedding walk The Bridal Party informal shot The guys wedding shot Bridesmaids and Ushers Hyde park On THe Bridge Hyde Park From Above Wedding Shot Entire Wedding Group Shot Blow the bride a Kiss Photo

Not enough of an idea?
Then view our recent wedding photography page, to see a large number of images from the same wedding. This will give you an idea about the balance of photography styles within an particular album and how we adapt this for each wedding we shoot.

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