Hussain and Homa

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Kanta and Tan

Kanta Wedding Surrey 1
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Kiran and Danish

Kiran Danish (2)Kiran Danish 2Kiran DanishKiran Danish (1)Kiran Danish (3)Kiran Danish 1Kiran Danish 3Kiran Danish 4

Arun and Shifaly

Arun Addington palace 1 (1)

Arun Addington palace 1 (2)

Arun Addington palace 2 (2)

Arun Addington palace 3 (1)

Arun Addington palace 1 (3)

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Arun Addington palace 4

Arun Addington palace 3

Arun Addington palace 1

Helen and Sam

Helen and Sam got married at Addington Palace on the 9th of March 2013. They had a church ceremony at St Mary’s in Hayes and arrived in style with 3 matching wedding cars. The evening reception was held at Addington Palace in Surrey, with the weather holding up we managed to capture a great mixture of shots in and around the venue.

Vicky and Jon


Rez and Nicola


Alison and Luke

addington palace - luke and alison Alison Addington Palace Wedding PhotosSurrey Photographer Addington Palaceaddington palace photography CroydonAddingotn-Palace-wedding-1Addingotn-Palace-wedding-2Addingotn-Palace-wedding-3Addingotn-Palace-wedding-4Addingotn-Palace-wedding-5

Caroline and Adam

2020 provided the photography and Traditional video for this event. The church service was at The Holy Trinity in Bromley followed by the reception at Addington Palace near Croydon. There were just under 100 guests and that included 14 children who had a child entertainer
to keep them occupied during the meal and speeches.

detailed photosceremonyphotographicphotographic-2photographic-3

Candice and Victoria

We photographed the wedding of Candice and Victoria at Addington Palace, Surrey. Below is a slideshow showing a variety of the photographs from their day. The whole event took place at Addington Place in late May and the weather was spectacular.

Two Vintage cars with sheepskin rugs set the scene and the bridesmaids wore golden leopard skin looking dresses. 2020 took the photographs and the couples choice of pictures for their hand printed Graphi album included many in monochrome but certainly reflecting the style of the couple and the day.

Kevin and Lynn

The Civil Ceremony and Reception all took place at Addington Palace near Croydon and 2020 provided the photography for this event.

The couple chose our designed photo book option and with two hours between the ceremony to sit down there was plenty of opportunity to take pictures in a relaxed and informal style. After being initially hesitant about being photographed , Kevin & Lynn soon warmed to the task and they were delighted with the end results.