Arun and Tania Portraits

Arun Tania 59
f2- Photographs 1f2- Photographs 4

Kanta and Tan

Kanta Wedding Surrey 1
Kanta Wedding Surrey 2Kanta Wedding Surrey 3Kanta Wedding Surrey 4Kanta Wedding Surrey 5Kanta Wedding Surrey 6Kanta Wedding Surrey 7Kanta Wedding Surrey 8Kanta Wedding Surrey 9Kanta Wedding Surrey 10Kanta Wedding Surrey 11Kanta Wedding Surrey 12Kanta Wedding Surrey 13Kanta Wedding Surrey 14Kanta Wedding Surrey 15Kanta Wedding Surrey 16Kanta Wedding Surrey 17Kanta Wedding Surrey 18Kanta Wedding Surrey 19Kanta Wedding Surrey 20Kanta Wedding Surrey 21Kanta Wedding Surrey 22Kanta Wedding Surrey 23Kanta Wedding Surrey 24Kanta Wedding Surrey 25Kanta Wedding Surrey 26Kanta Wedding Surrey 27Kanta Wedding Surrey 28

Ammara and Richard


Kiran and Danish

Kiran Danish (2)Kiran Danish 2Kiran DanishKiran Danish (1)Kiran Danish (3)Kiran Danish 1Kiran Danish 3Kiran Danish 4

John and Susie

John susie wedding photography 1John susie wedding photography 2John susie wedding photography 3
John susie wedding photography 1 (1)John susie wedding photography 2 (1)John susie wedding photography 3 (1)

John susie wedding photography 5John susie wedding photography 6John susie wedding photography 7John susie wedding photography 8John susie wedding photography 9John susie wedding photography 10John susie wedding photography 11John susie wedding photography 12John susie wedding photography 13

John susie wedding photography 14John susie wedding photography 15

Alvin and Anusha

Alvin wed Anusha at Pinewood Studios. Having a Civil wedding ceremony in the morning, followed by a outside Hindu ceremony later in the afternoon. Here is a selection of the couple shots taken on the day.

Alvin Anusha 1

Alvin Anusha

Alvin Anusha 3Alvin Anusha 4

Alvin Anusha 5

Alvin Anusha 6

Alvin Anusha 7

Alvin Anusha 8

Alvin Anusha 9

Alvin Anusha 10

Alvin Anusha 11

Adrian and Jen

Adrian Jen 1

Adrian Jen 2

Adrian Jen 3

Adrian Jen 4

Adrian Jen 5

Adrian Jen 6

Arun and Shifaly

Arun Addington palace 1 (1)

Arun Addington palace 1 (2)

Arun Addington palace 2 (2)

Arun Addington palace 3 (1)

Arun Addington palace 1 (3)

Arun Addington palace 2 (3)

Arun Addington palace 4 (1)

Arun Addington palace 4

Arun Addington palace 3

Arun Addington palace 1

Monique and Vlad Slideshows


Wedding Day

Pre Wedding Portraits

With all our wedding packages you receive a free portrait shoot. This enables us to get to know each other and come to an understanding on what photographs and styles you prefer.

Here are a few shoots from 2 recent portrait shoots taken at Addington Palace.






Monique and Vlad

Details 1

Details 15

Pre-Ceremony 23

pre-ceremony 38 Pre-Ceremony 54 Pre-Ceremony 62 Ceremony 37

Ceremony 18

Ceremony 29

Photographic 74

Couple 32

Couple 56

Couple 53

Helen and Sam

Helen and Sam got married at Addington Palace on the 9th of March 2013. They had a church ceremony at St Mary’s in Hayes and arrived in style with 3 matching wedding cars. The evening reception was held at Addington Palace in Surrey, with the weather holding up we managed to capture a great mixture of shots in and around the venue.

Rami and Sneha Engagement Shoot London

London-ART 1London-ART 2London-ART 3London-ART 5London-ART 6London-ART 7London-ART 8London-ART 4London-ART 14London-ART 9London-ART 10London-ART 13London-ART 15

Sophie and Glen

Vicky and Jon


Rez and Nicola


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Alison and Luke

addington palace - luke and alison Alison Addington Palace Wedding PhotosSurrey Photographer Addington Palaceaddington palace photography CroydonAddingotn-Palace-wedding-1Addingotn-Palace-wedding-2Addingotn-Palace-wedding-3Addingotn-Palace-wedding-4Addingotn-Palace-wedding-5