Arangetram Photography

The wedding session is in full flow and we have been covering several events, which we will showcase over the coming months. As well as covering weddings, we also photograph other ceremonies and events. We recently covered an Arangetram, which is a debut stage performance of a Bharatanatyam student after years of training. We sent along to photographers as well as our sister company providing filming for the event.

Arangetram-Krishni photographyArangetram-Krishni 12Arangetram-Krishni 13Arangetram-Krishni 26Arangetram-Krishni 14Arangetram-Krishni 21Arangetram-Krishni 25Arangetram-Krishni 15Arangetram-Krishni 17

This performance at Fairfield Halls in Croydon, was a lavish affair with no expense spared in terms of preparation, lighting and performers. This meant that the event was fairly easy to capture, due to the fantastic lighting, backdrops and costume changes.