Creative Wedding Photography

Is Great Wedding Photography - Journalistic Wedding Photography?

We believe in
adapted photojournalistic wedding photography, so shoot naturally and unobtrusively whilst giving just a little guidance when needed.  We don’t believe that on it’s own journalistic photography makes the most out of your expensive venue and extensive planning. We realise that there is a trend towards a more contemporary style of wedding photography, however we believe that you end up with a more complete album by combining a variety of styles.

Included in all our packages is a free pre-wedding photo portrait shoot.  Apart from producing some great casual shoots, this also enables us to get to know you better as a couple, so that on your wedding day we can take photographs we know you will love. We do this by adapting our style to your preferences. We also consider aspects such as time available and the couple’s approach to being directed during the day.

Our Unique Wedding Photography Approach

Every wedding we attend is different and therefore requires unique wedding photography. We aim to produce stunning photographs for you that will express your individuality.

Our objective is to provide you with the perfect wedding photographs.  We shoot every wedding uniquely, as two weddings are never alike.  Every couple will have their own idea of the type of photographs they love, so it stands to reason that everyone would like pictures to represent their style.  We aim for a mixture of various styles whilst working on your wedding day. 

We use
creative wedding photographers who love taking fun shots, setting the important guests into scenarios or situations and taking documentary type photographs. These work well as it takes away the bride and groom’s standard ‘photo pose’.  Rather than worrying about the shot and trying to pose, the Bride and Groom and guests get to relax have fun and we get some great and unusual shots.

We also still believe you benefit from a certain amount of traditional set-up (posed) portrait like shots.  This still enables us to be creative, but also allows us to make the most of the venue you have hired for the day and it’s features.  These wedding photographs in particular flatter the couple to a high standard as we will have more control of the lighting and conditions.

During the course of the day we also snap a lot of special moments which are not posed (reportage), with these wedding photographs we are able to capture the natural magic moments of your day, which are impossible to pose or set-up. These are often some of the most impressive shots from your day.

When you book any member of the 20-20 group you are assured of booking someone of great expertise and passion for the role they are playing in the most important day of your life.

The Photo Editing Process

After the busy wedding day our work continues. We spend considerable time editing your images, to produce wedding photographs which are truly memorable.  As well as producing between 500- 700 photographs, we will also give you an extra folder which contains more artistically edited images. 

From these mastered images, we can then produce high quality photo albums, wedding photo-books, canvases and acrylics.  If you want to see more, then look at our prices and add-ons page, or
contact us if you have any questions.